“I brought my volkswagen diesel in to this place yesterday for the first time. This place was recommended by a neighbor who bought a car at their sales center. I was very impressed by their level of service, My wife and I had the day off so we were just going to be waiting around their client lounge for a few hours while they serviced our car. I was hungry and asked if their was a restaurant nearby that we could walk to. Get this, the service manager (who is a woman!) smiled and told me that she would give us a Smart car to drive and gave us directions to a great Indian restaurant down the street. She was spot on in her recommendation by the way. Not only is this a great place to service your Volkswagen diesel, they also know their food! :-)

Anyway, when our car was done, I was amazed that not only did they complete our service on time, they also had our car hand washed and vacuumed at the detail shop across the street. That was very much appreciated since our car was filthy!

I am definitely going to keep making the trek across the bridge to come to the Green Car Clinic. I feel totally comfortable with the staff and their abilities. It is hard to find a shop that you can trust and rely on.”

-Jeff W., Seattle, WA

“The Clinic is awesome. I took my jetta tdi there after the dealer told me that they needed to replace the head at a cost of over $4000! It turns out that the camshaft and lifters just needed to be replaced but the dealer does not do this. Green Car Clinic has expert diesel techs that were VW trained. Duga replaced my lifters and camshaft and the total bill was half of what the dealer wanted to charge. I will definitely bring my tdi there from now on. If you own a diesel, I think that this is the best place around. When I was there, there were over 20 Volkswagen diesels in there shop!”

-Albert A., Redmond, WA

“Had a coupon to get my timing belt done on my Golf. Excellent service and a good price. Even got a Smart car as a loaner. Helped that I said i couldnt drive a stickshift…they ddnt have any automatic regular cars …so i drove around in a Smarty for the day!! Loads of fun…except for the fact that I kept thinking people were checking me out,when they were checking out the car!!”

-Peter P, Bellevue, WA

“I have been going to Susan since her daughter was a baby and now I see that she is about to turn 10 years old! I have serviced two different vehicles with her a diesel VW and a Volvo Cross Country. I have complete confidence and trust in her expertise and integrity. I drive all the way from Seattle and I hate cosign the bridge but I do it any way because I would never bring my car anywhere else. It helps that they have weekend pickup and drop off and loaner cars. Thanks Susan for all of the great service over the years!”

-Roberta M. , Seattle, WA

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